The Final Test


What shall I say this judgement day,
I stand before the throne?
He knows my every thought and deed
And I am all alone.

I stand transfixed, my soul exposed
I cannot look away.
His eyes search mine with kind intent
And He begins to say:

“I set before you life and death,
Which one then did you choose?
I told you I would judge on this
Your soul would win or lose.


The slaughter of the innocent,
Abortion in your land,
A test so plain you had to see,
The “Choice” was in your hand.

Son of Man, you're not a beast,
I made you free not wild.
Freedom should never reach so far
That you can kill your child.

America, the people rule,
How did you stand and vote?
The man you sent to speak for you,
He wore a blood drenched coat.

He said you didn't really care
You turned your head away.
He said you'd go along
With whatever he would say.

He launched into a diatribe
Of rhetoric and lies.
He never once acknowledged that
Each time a baby dies.

With passionate intensity,
He shouted “Rights” and “Choice”
Surely he must realize
The child has not a voice.

How can you say you did not know?
You must have heard the roar.
The battle raged for 43 years,
The blood ran past your door.

By your silence you condoned.
The sacrilegious deed.
You cowardly allowed the man
To kill the sacred seed.”

Fetus in Hand

I stand here mute. He turns away.
I see the demons dance.
My soul cries out in agony,
“Please, give me one more chance.”

“You were my friend, I needed you.
I sealed you with my crest.
I weep for you, you did not pass,
It was the final test.”

~ Anonymous